What We Do

About Riess Construction

Established in 1998, Riess Construction is a first-generation family-owned business.

Together they have over 60 years of experience in wood and metal construction. Mike and Rob have a wide range of expertise, from single family homes to 150,000 sq. ft. commercial building projects. They have earned a reputation throughout the New England area for outstanding customer service and highest quality.

The Riess brothers and their team bring strong family values to every project. On-time completion of projects, safety, cost, and quality control are all top priorities for this team of professionals. Controlling job scheduling through effective time management is the first step to insuring that projects are completed under budget and on schedule. Efficiency of job performance, while still maintaining the highest quality standards, guarantees that you will have the best possible construction team to complete your project.

Riess Construction is very proud of the group of employees they have representing them. Several of their foreman and employees have been with them from almost the beginning. Since they opened their doors they have had a strong and dependable group of individuals working with them. Without them they would not be able to provide the quality level of service their clients have come to expect. From the office to the jobsites they depend on their staff to represent who they are and hold up to their expectations.