Features the latest measures designed to save energy and protect the surrounding wetlands

NH Electric Co-op

Riess Construction erected an 8,400 square-foot garage and office building for New Hampshire Electric Cooperative, located off Route 28 near Prospect Mountain High School in Alton, NH.

Flynn Construction, of Nashua, NH teamed with Riess Construction, working for NH Electric Co-op to build the facility and install energy efficient measures that include all fluorescent lighting; the doubling of standard roof and wall insulation; installation of a “Cool Roof” to reflect sunlight and reduce solar heat gain; installation of an Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system that recovers heat from vented air during the heating season; and installation of a Low Temperature Heat Pump (LTHP) to heat and cool the office area.

A compressed air system was also installed to boost the air brake pressure on NHEC line trucks after they have sat idle overnight, eliminating the need to start and idle the vehicles until on-board compressors come up to pressure. Finally, floor drains in the five-bay garage carry snow melt and drippings from the line trucks to a holding tank to capture road salt and grime as well as water used to wash the trucks. The contents of the holding tank will be sampled and tested before being pumped out, removed from the site, and disposed of properly.